Map of China and US

Overlay Map

Overlay Map of the United States and China

This map gives the location of major cities in the US and China at approximately the same latitude.
(Click map to enlarge.)

3 responses to “Map of China and US

  1. I love the overlay because it helps to judge distances in China by comparing them with distances within the United States which we may be more familiar with. Nice idea!

  2. I love the concept of this map — superimposing the U.S. and China on top of each other to show their relative size and latitudinal position. Its conceptual simplicity is sheer beauty. I will use it and acknowledge the source when I give talks on China. James Chan, PhD, geography and Chinese Studies

  3. This is so helpful to me when I travel. I can really get a sense of the climate when I can compare it to the US state.

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